Taprikk Sweezee - POLY EP

Taprikk Sweezee
12" Vinyl D
Musik Aus Strom / Mas19.02

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Nice Price Deal !!! Taprikk Sweezees unique and tweaked vocalssound with its multivoice soulbombast and loop pitches collides with the weighty beats by E.A.R.L. HBO and BUSY on the new Poly EP
Taprikk Sweezee’s unique and tweaked vocalssound with it’s multivoice soulbombast and loop pitches collides with the weighty beats by E.A.R.L, HBO and BUSY on the new Poly EP.
The new Collaboration wit the France, USA and Netherlands based producers is overflowed with Energy and joy of playing.
‘Newend’ with giganto-magnetic beats from E.A.R.L is a steaming cauldron just about to brim over – spitting melody- and soundfragments. While ‘Volt’ seems to be an asteroid field that stuns with brutal beats by the frenchman HBO and Sweezees’s whipping vocals, ‘Eating at the void’ resonates a rather melancholic undertone. Clattering Beats by Bradford Johnson aka BUSY and vocalarrangements occur with a dark attraction. Euphoric weightlessness seems to the right word for the bonus track ‘Mercury’. Pitched vocalsample pads waft above Sweezee’s heavy and polyrhythmic beats through a pulsating gloomy soundgalaxy. Somewhere between New-Soul-Dub and Ambient Mr. Sweezee drizzles a narcotic into ones mind with beautifull impact.

"Taprikk Sweezee’’s complex tracks with their inspiring and stimulating moments have spark about them”. (Playground Mag)

"With his beautifull, creepily, obsessive vocal style Taprikk Sweezee crafts a characteristically broken and treacherous take on electronic new-soul”. ( Cyclic Defrost)

"Germany's electro soul brother number one" (First Word Records)

"Taprikk Sweezee’s Catchy Hooks und sein klarer warmer Gesang bringen kühl-knistrige Rauschträume zun leuchten - Begeisterung”. (De:Bug)

“Taprikk Sweezee eröffnet im Neo-Soul, HipHop eine neue Sparte, die für die Zukunft noch mehr verspricht”. (Raveline)
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