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We have the pleasure to present one of the most awaited album this year!Ladies and Gentelmen - Switch Technique - ALTERED. After more than a decade with handfuls of releases and hundreds of hours spent on perfecting his standout sound there has come a time for his fascination of Hardcore to take him to a whole new level of music production. Switch technique has created a new unique and completely fresh production standard defined by combination Hardcore and Drumandbass. Simultaneously, hes pushing his ideas of regular Drumandbass which he loves to interpret and translate into hard oriented techstep and darkstep.

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Drum & Bass
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The Outside Agency: \\\'With snares like meat cleavers, kicks like jack hammers and themes that sound like they were recorded in the Fifth layer of Hell, Switch Technique\\\'s album would scare the socks off of any poor librarian!\\\'

The DJ Producer: \\\'Switch Technique has created his own world. A future prophecy of ultra hybridisation. Crossbreed is not description enough. Drum\\\'n\\\'bass & industrial hardcore techno shape shifting. Stunning!\\\'

Tymon:\\\'Its easy to see how much work and determination has gone into this massive album. No shortcuts have been taken. Switch Technique\\\'s solo tracks shine, as do the collaborations. Nothing but respect!\\\'

I:Gor:\\\'The perfect combination of drum\\\'n\\\'bass and hardcore. Dark, heavy, intelligent. Solid album!\\\'

Deathmachine:\\\'Hi-tech, harsh and hardcore - Switch Technique drops an awesome album expertly fusing hardcore with drum\\\'n\\\'bass!\\\'

Trasher: \\\'Dark fucked up drum\\\'n\\\'bass hardcore crossover - just the way I like it!\\\'
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