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Streetwalker Is A Collaboration Between Chicago Residents Elon Katz (White Car/hippos In Tanks) And Beau Wanzer (mutant Beat Dance/l.i.e.s).
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They wrote their debut album 'Future Fusion' over the course of two years. Through endless experimentation and analog improvisation, they have constructed an entirely new sound showcasing vibrant hand-played synthesizer, vulnerable
vocals, and serpentine drum lines.

Streetwalker's distinct song structures are characterized as much by restraint, timing, and subtle shift as by the cyclic abandon of the loop. Having recorded the entire album over one humid weekend in the Chicago studio, Minbal, the duo's recording process mirrored this tension. Much like a rock record, each track was recorded entirely live to 1 inch tape - no overdubs, no MIDI programming - and then painstakingly mixed with digital precision during the six months that followed.

In line with this principle of handcrafted reconfiguration, the artwork for the LP was produced in collaboration with digital artist Spencer Longo (IMG Masters/The Jogging), who harvested images and textures from Wanzer's extensive collection of classic sci-fi and horror editorial to construct an anachronistically futuristic interface.
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