Soul Button - SHADOWS

Soul Button
12" Vinyl D
Steyoyoke / SYYK003

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An air of mystery surrounds the artist responsible for Steyoyoyokes third release. titled >Shadows<. The anonymous artist. given the name Soul Button. takes the helms for the labels May release. and as signs of summer emerge in Berlin. a three track EP comes to soak up the heat. An energetic and driving release equally fitting in a restless dance-floor or sun drenched terrace. Soul Button is a new artist from Steyoyoke records. and we are excited to announce the artists first release on the label. With each track bringing new flavour to the EP. you may find it hard to pick a favourite.
Shimmering piano dubs, a bellowing male vocal and hints of a slide guitar comprise the title track and firmly sets the EP up for an exciting ride. 'Shadows' provides an instrumentally satisfying groove: an ideal tool for those brighter sets.

The cleanly produced track 'Shine' features vocals from singer La Phoenix and follows in flowing deep house fashion acting as a bridge for the EP. 'Shine' is a reclining tale of mellow grooves using subtle but up-lifting vocals to bring the track to life.

The huge third track 'Talking' features Steyoyoye artist Bartok. Led by a forceful and inescapable bass line, 'Talking' is a pumping dance-floor bomb. The occasional guitar glimmer adds an almost exotic element to the proceedings, and echoey synths and stringed chords help to drive it forward.
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