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Being a product of the age it was written. Slow Clubs 2009 debut. Yeah So. dealt with the all too familiar space between adolescence and the oncoming storm of adulthood. A boy-girl duo who played a flower-adorned chair live. they were the polar opposite of what was coming out of post-Arctic Monkeys Sheffield. Slow Club were fun. cute. whimsical and all manner of other words just shy of twee - and they hate being called twee. Paradise. however. is where the duo grows up. Two years on. it stumbles out of a trivial. self-indulgent teenage malaise (where sexual adventure was priority for most) and carries itself with a sense of perspective that only adulthood can give - a darker. more thoughtful view of the world. For instance. on the poignant You. Earth or Ash. a song about Rebecca Taylor s granddad. her melancholic vocals (beautiful. as always) evoke an awareness of mortality for those around her: singing -and I know. soon you ll go.- her voice seemingly breaks under the weight of premature grief. Whereas even love-wise (an inspiration every band draws from) Slow Club s lyrical output is glossed with a more mature and detached sense of sauce. with Taylor crooning on Where I m Waking: -I can see you looking at me / You got the brains I ve got the body-.
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