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Silent Dust
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None60 / nsycd001

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Silent Dust is the project of UK duo Dan Blishen (originally from Manchester) and Andy Hobbs (hailing from Kent). who produced Drum & Bass together for years under the respective monikers Zyon Base and Hobzee. Their self-titled debut.Silent Dust.brings their signature D&B sound into a different light. drawing from a wide range of influences - ambient. drum & bass. garage. dub. breakbeat and soundtracks. The result is a collection of deep. bass-laden productions that sound like absolutely nothing else. filled with lush arrangements. an array of found sounds (footsteps. vinyl crackle. sellotape stretching). cinematic vocal samples and glitchy. idiosyncratic drum programming. The album travels through a wide range of emotions and sounds - from the sublime intensity of The Giant (equipped with floating operatic samples and tight drum programming) and the dark atmospheric grace of Marlowe. to the weighted basslines of the club-suited Zero Nine Zero and the sheer beauty of Winter Song lined with strings and a reggae-tinted vocal. Though its driven by experimentation. this is a D&B record at heart: even the ambient tracks were written at 160-170 BPM. Their debut album was originally signed to Soul:R. but was pulled at the last minute: the duo bravely opted to start their own label. none60. to release their tour de force.Silent Dust is a downtempo. atmospheric album that will become an instant favourite for open minds. and for those who seek something new. One of the most unique records to come out of D&B this decade.
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