Shinedoe - EXCESSIVE

12" Vinyl BE
Intacto / INTAC042

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Get ready for some Excessive dance action with our 42nd release featuring Intactos co-founder Shinedoe with Gregor Treshers point of view on the flip
Shinedoes unique vision of electronic dance music, combined with her talent, dynamism and pioneering spirit have acted as a springboard, propelling her to the forefront of house and techno global club scenes.
From her first single ‘Dillema’ [100% Pure] - that became Ibiza’s 2004 summer anthem - this release is a follow up on her latest and impressive ‘Transcendental’ EP, on Get Physical Music. Shinedoe is internationally recognised for her personal fusion of sounds and genres to create warm funky grooves.EXCESSIVE: With the title inspired by the infectiously exaggerated bassline, 'Excessive' runs thick on the groove leaving the House-feel vocal snippets to flourish over the freshness of the melodic chords. EXCESSIVE GREGOR TRESHER REMIX):
Gregor Tresher aspires to create what another producer once sagely called music that makes you dance and cry at the same time. Breaking through as a producer under his own name with his 2005 releases Still and Neon, his remix of Sven Väths Komm, and his contribution to Cocoon's Compilation F – were happy to welcome his take on Excessive, with its stripped-down pulsating sense of purpose thats pure dancefloor
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