Shafiq Husayn - SHAFIQ EN A-FREE-KA

Shafiq Husayn
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A-free-ka: A Kemetic Term. From Ancient Egypt. Meaning Spirit. Being In A-free-ka Means No Limitations. No Boundaries. Infinite. As The Myth-scientist Sun Ra Said: The Only Limit Is Your Imagination.

1. Intro/Electra
2. Nirvana
3. The U.N. Plan
4. Cheeba feat Bilal
5. Lil Girl feat Fatima
6. Lost & Found feat Jimetta Rose and Bilal
7. Dust & Kisses feat Noni Limar
8. No Moor
9. All Dead
10. Major Heavy feat Sonny Coates and Count Bass D
11. Evil Man
12. Changes
13.Love still hurts
14. Le Star feat. Rozzi Daime, Noni Limar & Nia ANdrews
15. Egypt
16. The Odd Is C
17. Rebel Soldier

SHAFIQ HUSAYN is one third of the SA-RA collective and writer and producer of acts such as Erykah Badu, Ice-T, Platinum Pied Piers and Jurrasic 5 presents SHAFIQ EN' A-FREE-KA his first solo album. Inspired by ABBEY ROAD and ELECTRIC LADYLAND studios and composed with an armoury of outboard gear, effects, synthesizers, electric guitars, strings, horns, a lot of modulation and a lot of weird stuff. “Hip-hop mastered the beat, but they didn’t do nothing with the changes,” says Shafiq. “Even someone as musical as Dr. Dre - they’re not really taking it to the whole arrangement, even if he catches fire for a couple of hot bars. That’s like meat and potatoes.” With Shafiq, there’s no shortage of green in the mix. On the album Shafiq recruits BILAL, Sa-Ra member OM’MAS KEITH, emcee COUNT BASS D, London’s lil star FATIMA, Sly Stone soundalike SONNY COATES, Sa-Ra vocalist ROZZI DAIME, and a whole army of musicians and engineers. Created and crafted from intense studio sessions and on-going conversations, this is how albums used to be made – not just a collection of songs, but a message to the messengers: A-free-ka UNITE. Already picking up support from the BBC's Gilles Peteron and Benji B, SHAFIQ EN' A-FREE-KA looks set to be the sound of 2009.
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