Seth Schwarz - JABEL EP

Seth Schwarz


12" Vinyl D

Acker Records / Acker 045

Front View : Seth Schwarz - JABEL EP - Acker Records / Acker 045
Back View : Seth Schwarz - JABEL EP - Acker Records / Acker 045

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Seths Impact On The Dancefloor Is Truly Symphonic By Combining Elaborate Compositions With Banging Drums.

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Seth Schwarz has multiple backgrounds. One the one side there is his life-long passion for classical music. On the other side, there is his enthusiasm for driving club grooves. And in the middle, there is a style that is simply unique. Combining highly sophisticated composition techniques with banging kick drums and whipping hi-hats, his impact on the dance floor is truly symphonic. That's what Elysium is all about: Efficient rhythms meet intricate instrumentations, seamlessly sewn together by the virtuous violin play of Seth Schwarz. The intense harmony of this title is a perfect match for Mollono.Bass who fills his hypnotic remix with jangling sound fragments before they eventually add up to the symphonic dimensions of the original. The Canooby Tune on the flipside of this record gives full expression to the open-minded character of Seth Schwarz, featuring a jazzy double bass, a bouncy piano, and broken beat textures. Last but not least the gentlemen Dole & Kom turn this vivid jam session into a trembling dose of floorward pressure. [txt from ]
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