Serafim Tsotsonis
Klik / KLCD071

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Since his first two personal album releases on Kilk Records. Serafim Tsotsonis has been developing into a talented musician. With the release of his brand new album. Beautiful People. the Greek artist takes a step further. presenting even more facets of his diverse talent with a work of exceptional polyphonic delights.In the albums opening track Red. Green. Blue. a unique postmodern lullaby. the serene atmosphere of a childs room. is pierced with the sounds of an urban environment. An imposing performance by Zach soars together with a chorus comprised by Mikael Delta. Kid Moxie. Kiki. Antoneta Kotsi. Fay Depasta and Serafim himself. At the same time. Dimitri Vassilakis. one of the foremost recognized Greek wind musicians. adds further brushstrokes of sensitivity with his saxophone. With relaxed beats. unequivocal references to 80s melancholic electronica and the vocals of Kiki and Kid Moxie. My own Sea invites the listener to dive into the waters of his own dream world. In a way. it constitutes a continuation of Serafims past creations. as heard in his earlier works. a fact that is sure to satisfy the most loyal of the artists fans. The dubstep references in the intro of So Good. are intertwined with the modern electronic sound of Berlin and the saxophone of Dimitri Vassilakis comes in at the end. marking a shift that leads to an exploration of new sound structures. in which European metronomy meets neo-jazz. The most radio-friendly track of the album comes with Far Away. a mutated Balearic rhythm interpreted unpredictably by the rock-tinged voice of Norwegian Sverre Olav Rødseth. Catch the Cloud is where the album really takes off. A deep tech anthem for clubbers around the world. one can imagine it featured on the soundtracks of films such as Berlin Calling. had it been released sooner
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