12" Vinyl D

Mobilee / Mobilee112

Front View : Re.You - ANYWAYS (RAMPA REMIX) - Mobilee / Mobilee112
Back View : Re.You - ANYWAYS (RAMPA REMIX) - Mobilee / Mobilee112

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From shattered court dreams to booming international DJ gigs, Marius Maier, a former German Youth Basketball champion, retired from the game after sustaining a knee injury a few years ago. But like any as one door closes…-story goes, Re.You quickly channeled his energy and ambition into electronic dance music. He exchanged his jersey number for an artst alias and the reincarnation birthed a rising talent by the name of Re.You. New to the mobilee booking roster, Re.You has already delivered his second EP on the 112 mark titled, Anyway. This three-parter includes the self titled Anyway dominating the A-side while the flip side brings it down with You Had Enough featuring Forrest. and a remix of the lead track from Re.Yous live act partner, Rampa. The duo perform as RAR and are available on Cocoon records.

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