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With the band’s 2012 album having debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Reggae and Independent charts. and at #13 on the Top 200 Albums chart. Rebelution follow up with Count Me In. their fourth full-length release. The 180 gram vinyl LP is housed in a gatefold sleeve and comes with a download code.

“From writing these songs to mixing and mastering the album, we were involved in every step,” said Rebelution’s vocalist/guitarist Eric Rachmany. “We’re becoming comfortable expressing ourselves both in the studio and on stage. This album was truly fun to make, it’s an honest expression of who we are.”

Count Me In was produced by the SoCal-based Rebelution (Rachmany, Rory Carey/keyboards, Marley D. Williams/bass, and Wesley Finley/drums), and recorded in Miami and Burbank, CA between September and December of last year. The album features special guest appearances by dancehall singer Collie Buddz (on the track “Hate To Be The One”) and legendary roots reggae vocalist Don Carlos (on “Roots Reggae Music”). Buddz has toured with Rebelution, and Carlos has been an enormous vocal influence on Rachmany, so these are both special pairings for the band.

Rebelution chose the album’s title as each member is a strong believer in the sense of community and collaboration. “Over the past ten years as an independent band,” Rachmany explained, “we have felt a strong connection to the many people who have been incredibly supportive, and could not be more thankful to be a part of such a like-minded, positive and inspiring community.”

While the music and lyrical content varies on Count Me In, the album’s 11 tracks provide positive inspiration, encouraging fans to create a pro-active and optimistic impact on society and life. “A lot of what we hear every day is that money measures success,” added Rachmany. “This new album is a reminder to spread love and positivity to the people around us --- these are the true measures of success.”
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