Ray Kajioka
12" Vinyl BE
Intacto / intac048

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For Our 48th Vinyl Release On Intacto Records. We Welcome Ray Kajioka. Shaking Trees is a warm. deep and delicious EP that is another notch on Rays techno glory belt.
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As a kid, Ray’d like to jingle on any object around him, whether it’d be his mom’s cooking pots or plastic bowls. ‘I felt the music in me always,’ Ray says. At 14, his parents gave him piano lessons, but he soon found out he’d much rather pay popular music by ear. Hardly a day went by that Ray wasn’t sitting in front of his Yamaha keyboard. By playing different variations of a song-theme Ray realized that he could actually create his own music. That’s when he got serious with music.

So he took to DJ-ing in 1995. When joining a mix session in a underground techno club in town he decided to get his own turntables, mixer and vinyls. He spent hours and hours behind the decks each day and soon recorded sets on tapes made their way. After several DJ-residencies and productions he found his true calling.

Ray Kaijoka’s has a distinct and striking style, with a warm, spheric and impulsive sound. His live performances and productions encompass all elements of modern techno/nu-house sound, but have its feet firmly planted in the roots of Detroit techno. The typical Ray-sound, as some call it, is appreciated all around the globe and have taken him worldwide.

And now also to Intacto Records, where he releases for the first time. ‘Shaking Trees’ is a warm, deep and delicious EP that is another notch on Ray’s techno glory belt
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