Pritch & Trim
12" Vinyl UK
Planet Mu / ziq298

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Image of the Record Back Side
Mark Pritchard is a producer with countless pseudonyms. the latest being Africa Hitech for his collaboration with singer and producer Steve Spacek on Warp. Here he teams up with Trim. one of grimes most notorious and respected MCs. for this two-track twelve. On lead cut >Stereotype<. Trim asserts his disposition by twisting his riddles and vicious non-sequiteurs around Mark Pritchards very British artful dodger rhythm. based on the kind of brass. woodwind and moogy synths you might have found accompanying some up-to-no-good action in a 1970s BBC drama. B-side >Kiss My Arse< finds Trim ripping into rumours and revelations in his inimitable style. over a minimal lolloping dancehall-influenced rhythm complete with jungle atmospherics.
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