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Grow / GROW009

Front View : Plantae - TIGSHAMERAN - Grow / GROW009
Back View : Plantae - TIGSHAMERAN - Grow / GROW009

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Grow label returns with its ninth offering, an EP of four choice original works, each a very deep and specific imagination alive with detail. The artist creator this time is Plantae who offers his first vinyl EP and it is altogether a refreshingly original experience. Plantaes tracks are characterised by momentous baselines underlying layer upon layer of organic texture and intricate primal percussion, which come together for a sound quite otherworldly. Descriptive in nature and so filled with peculiarity *Tigshameran* is an album and experience hard to grasp, but this is one of its charms, and its originality will keep you coming back, time and again discovering new moments of intrigue. A very respectable debut record from Plantae!

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