Philipp Gorbachev - SILVER ALBUM

Philipp Gorbachev
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Comeme CD 05

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Russian-born Dance Avant-guardiste Philipp Gorbachev Is In Self-exile - From Moscow To Berlin - Due To His Political Views And His Purpose To Join Cómeme In 2011. This Collective Of Musicians And Artists. Operating Between Latin America And Europe. Is Known For A Killer Instinct In Producing Forward Thinking Dance Music Beyond Any Standards Of Contemporary Music Industry
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Russian-born dance avant-guardiste Philipp Gorbachev is in self-exile - from Moscow to Berlin - due to his political views and his purpose to join Cómeme in 2011. This collective of musicians and artists, operating between Latin America and Europe, is known for a killer instinct in producing forward thinking dance music beyond any standards of contemporary music industry.

Focusing on serving dance music audiences all around the globe, Philipp Gorbachev composes, produces and performs music in a way that resembles the heritage axe of Russian avant-garde and Moscow's Conceptualist movement rather than following any current dance music tradition.

Based on a unique performing and recording technique - created and tested together with his buddy Matias Aguayo in "The District Union" studio in Berlin - "Silver Album" is a well-collected music piece consisting of nine live performed arrangements, crafted with insurgent Russian lyrics that are fable-like inventions, fairy tales that deal with spiritual vibes, using the sound of the Russian language in order to form a new alternative music.

Musicians like ex-Helmet-and-now-Battles drummer John Stanier, as well as co-producers and mixing engineers like Butthole Surfer's guitarist Paul Leary; Mexican Cómeme brother Daniel Maloso; or Non Standard Productions head honcho and Ostgut Ton artist Tobias Freund, have been welcomed by Philipp Gorbachev to take part in the production of the record.

The first single of the Silver Album, called "Arrest Me" is a dedication to the imprisoned people around the world, a journey starter towards freedom of spirit, pioneering in never before expressed sounds, timing and space control
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