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Lebensfreude / LFC05CD

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In stylistic regards their compositions are never predictable. A touch of organic jazz here. a subtle hip-hop allusion there. accompanied by a moving club rhythm structure and Delhias captivating voice. which sings. then talks. and whispers in the next moment. This is being reflected in their life shows. acknowledged with much applause on festivals like ?Sonne. Mond und Sterne?. the ?Fusion Festival? or ?Ars Electronica?. When they sample themselves during their concerts. modify their sound in real time and vividly interpret their songs. Delhia dances audaciously in extravagant. selfdesigned costumes in haughty reserve and effuses eccentric pop magic. Twisted-Pop which gets straight under your skin. without ever grooving streamlined. You can dance to it. lose yourself in it or step into new worlds. There is only one thing difficult to deal with after you enjoyed ?The Devil?s Hand? and that?s to release yourself from its overwhelming emotional impact.
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