Pedro Soler & Caspar Claus
cd BE
Infine Music / if1015

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Whilst Barlande may be difficlut to classify in genre it has been described as having its roots in Flamenco and some ramifications of Contemporary Classical music. But any attempt to pigeon-hole this album should be ignored beyond deciding what shelf or floor to place it on in a record store. Barlande is about creativity and discovery and its story is both fasciniating and inspiring a father. Pedro Soler. and his son. Gaspar Claus have created something entirely unique. The opening track Insomnio Mineral is a gentle begining with sparsely plucked cello before being joined by a gently sweeping flamenco guitar. What takes place from there on in is difficult to describe in words. The language between the cello and guitar become unlike anything I have heard before. The cello comes alive. a voice at times. leaping and striding in near freeform before coming back to join in mutual step and melodic interplay with guitar.
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