Pajaro Sunrise
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Lovemonk / lmnk40

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Yuri Mendez Jr. has an amazing gift for composing good songs. He arranges them and records them brilliantly. and then groups them together on an album in an unpredictable yet cohesive way (his last album had 22 tracks. this one only has 8). uri Méndez Jr. is a true artisan in the best sense of the word. This is Pajaro Sunrises third album. and although the essentials haven’t changed (good songs. great songs). the rest has certainly evolved. Yuris voice sounds more and more emphatic. and with an extensive register full of nuances. he sings a story in every song. In doing this. he covers a stunning vocal range that dazzles from the first listen. Yuri has been playing together with the same fantastic band for some time now. With them. he has rehearsed the tracks (many of which they were already playing in concerts). and then gone into the studio where almost everything was recorded with everyone playing live. The benefits of having a group that has already travelled together. as well as shared stages and life experiences are evident. And. if this disc breathes anything. its travel. highways. and familiar stories stolen from faraway places that also feel nearby. Its a grandiose yet intimate album that thrills and grows with each listen.
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