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Weaving Sophisticated Orchestral Scores With Spacious Electronic Production. Oofjs Baroque Modern Pop Perches On The Edge Ofcontemporary Music. Overlooking Both The Familiar Past And The Anything-goes Future.
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After bonding over their mutual love for French synthesizer music, all things Russian, and Serge Gainsbourg, Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills Rymer formed OOFJ, whose distinctive chilled-out sounds find their way deep into your ear like an electronic wind gyrating with eerie symphonies plus the delicate sound of expensive-lingerie vocals, that could make you cry in a good-looking way. Recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, OOFJ’s ambitious debut Disco To Die To is ten darkly-tinted, downtempo movements of pop noir that simultaneously manage to reference disparate, touchstones and inspirations; Nico’s hypnotic gloomy 60s folk, techno’s minimalism and subtleties, Twin Peaks, the majestic symphonies of 20th century composers, and rhythms and structures equally indebted to jazz and trip-hop. Often all in the same song. Bjørnkjær and Rymer met in New York, while Jenno was playing in the band Hessismore and working on film music for Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia. However OOFJ and Disco To Die To came about by accident at first. Originally OOFJ (Orchestra of Jenno) began as an instrumental solo project but everything fell into place with the addition of Katherine, transforming it into something larger in scope. After the passing of Katherine’s father, they were in South Africa for the wake and upstairs in her brother’s room they recorded the very first track. Two months later, while on a winter road trip through Europe, they recorded in the Swiss Alps, Germany and Copenhagen.
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