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Same Same But Different. the familiar phrase heard throughout South East Asia. is a perfect description to characterize Onras latest project. a follow up to his 2007 LP Chinoiseries. So almost five years later. here we go back on the trail of another Asian beat journey with 32 hip hop instrumentals inspired by Chinese and Vietnamese music. A lot has happened since then. not least the widespread acclaim for 2010 s boogie-tinged album Long Distance. while along the way he s revisited South East Asia on a few occasions. adding to his Asian record stack each time. The exotic. mysterious pop and folk Chinese records of the 60s and 70s may not seem the easiest source material. with their epic operatic and orchestral feel. untouched by the Western counter culture rumblings of the time. and alive with vintage vinyl hiss and crackle. but after hermetically sealing himself in his Paris beat cave. Onra has emerged with a more than worthy return for all the time and money spent in the vinyl basements and backrooms of the Far East.
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