Oliver Schories
12" Vinyl D
Der Turnbeutel / Turnbeutel12

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Image of the Record Back Side
Earlier in the year Oliver Schories invited us on a journey. To leave all our worldly worries far behind. to swoon in the hazy breeze and dabble in fleeting late night romances. To dip toes in shimmering. crystal cool waters and fill trainers up with sand. To be carried off deep into a dreamy imagined summer ... Now summer is here and it is time to revive those lushly woven fantasies. and bask in Exit anew.

Here Schories’ warm and refined style is given soft and gentle revisions by a cherished collate of sympathisers. First up, Berlin-based Rampue turns the soulful “But Maybe” into something even more poignant and achingly beautiful. The album’s songful lead track “Be” is then rolled down opposing planes by Pupkulies & Rebecca and the ever-fanciful Frenchman Rodriguez JR. Where Pupkulies & Rebecca turn in a marshmallowy edit complete with additional sex-kitten vocals, the Mobilee mainstay toughens “Be” right up into a punchy tech-house floor killer. Finally Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner offer a dubbed out edit of “Another Day” made just for those heavy eyed moments where the sun starts to set and the velveteen night begins once more. Wade into the Remix pool, and then dive back into ‘Exit’ headfirst.
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