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1 year of total dedication brings forth this massive musical masterpiece... Ranging from 155 to 178 bpm with pure energy from the first till the last kickdrum… Melody meets rawness. instruments & choirs meet mesmerizing leads and kicks.... With brand new tracks like Train Of Thought. Automation. Ipnotik Generation (vs. Dj D) and Love Sucker (feat. Mc Tha Watcher). Containing remixes by none other then HELLSYSTEM. T-JUNCTION & RUDEBOY. DISTORTED REVELATION. MIOSA. RAYDEN & JUANMA and last but not least hardcore heavyweight ANGERFIST who remixed one of the most well known Nitrogenetics tracks: Pledge of Resistance.... The album is completed by all the best tracks from the past 2 years like: STATE OF THE ART. THE EXPERIENCE and NO HEROES.

Disc: 2

1. Scars of Courage
2. Dreamchaser
3. Consumed By Fear (vs Miosa)
4. Automation
5. The Time Is Near
6. The Experience (vs Rayden)
7. Down Like Gravity (T Junction & Rudeboy Remix)
8. The Composer
9. Mu Sick (Hellsystem remix)
10. Where the Party At
11. Intimidation (Miosa remix)
12. Self-offense
13. Makebeliever
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