Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - TELL ME WHEN / IT S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators
7" Vinyl UK
Timmion Records / tr029

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Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators are back with a brand new single on 7 inch vinyl. >Tell Me When (We Can Start Our Love Thing Once Again)< b/w >It s All Because Of You< is the simmering first double-side single from their upcoming LP >Tortured Soul<. set for release on Helsinki-based Timmion Records. in early 2013. On their sophomore effort Nicole and the Soul Investigators signature soul sound is clearly audible. but it also unearths rhythm & blues tainted licks and the pleas of unrequited love.

“Tell Me When”, with its commanding chorus, serves as a perfect vehicle over the aching 8 years between NW&TSI’s release of the critically acclaimed “Keep Reachin’ Up” and “Tortured Soul” 2013. NW&TSI’s have evolved sound-wise, with brooding verses and instrumental delivery. Flip-side is titled “It’s All Because Of You”, and it’s filled with intensity and melancholy. This A-side/B-side single reeks of instant classic. NW&TSI’s have taken their expressive approach to composition to the next stratum. It’s hard to compare them to any other group – vintage or existing.

Their debut LP “Keep Reachin’ Up” was released in 2005, and it was a massive success, especially amongst vinyl enthusiasts domestically & abroad. It was a seminal contribution to the list of records at the start of the retro-soul movement. The album was selected as the “Urban Album of the Year” by Mojo Magazine just to name one acknowledgment of several appraisals it received. In addition to the release of “Tortured Soul”, Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators will be serving back on stages across Europe and beyond, performing songs not only from the new LP, but also from their debut effort.
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