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12 inch lp
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1. on broadway
2. dance the night away (do it disco)
3. if i gave you my love
4. everyday love
5. (love is such a) cold game
6. clap, sing & shout about it
7. its a shame
8. i cant let you get away
9. the party is over

Its time to take another look at Myron & E, the duo of soul brothers from California, whose debut album Broadway was released by Stones Throw Records during the summer of 2013.Cold Game is the first in a series of two Myron & E albums, which will be released by Timmion Records. It features tracks from the first album, an early single cut with The Soul Investigators, and a fresh new instrumental to groove on.

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12 Inch LP
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The album sleeve has a photo of Myron Glasper and Eric Boss sitting on an iceberg, in Helsinki in the Spring of 2009. This iceberg was a monument to the heavy snowfalls Finland received during the winter, still standing months later, and providing an ideal stage to shoot some cold game. This is the true tone Timmion wants to paint with its private alternate pressings of the music The Soul Investigators recorded with Myron & E from the year 2007 to 2012.

Some of the music The Soul Investigators play might sound cheery at first, but deep inside beats a heart full of authentic Finnish melancholy, reflecting the finest escapist moods of classic American soul. Myron & E reach the music potently, complementing this brand of unpolished soul to the fullest.

“Cold Game” also features the thick tip-on cardboard sleeves Timmion is known for, guaranteeing that this album will stand proudly between your favorite soul LP’s.”

“Cold Game” by Myron & E with The Soul Investigators is now being released in Finland! The album is Timmion Records pressing, cut in our own Cutting Laboratory, and will be available on Timmion Webshop, shops in Finland, and during Live shows. Get you own copy of this collectors item before it’s too late!


1. On Broadway
2. Dance The Night Away (Do It Disco)
3. If I Gave You My Love
4. Everyday Love
5. (Love Is Such A) Cold Game
6. Clap, Sing & Shout About It
7. It's A Shame
8. I Can't Let You Get Away
9. The Party Is Over
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