Mumbai Science - BLACK HOLE


12 Inch, one sided

Lektroluv / LL97

Front View : Mumbai Science - BLACK HOLE (FLOORPLAN REMIX) (ONE SIDED, HAND STAMPED) - Lektroluv / LL97
Back View : Mumbai Science - BLACK HOLE (FLOORPLAN REMIX) (ONE SIDED, HAND STAMPED) - Lektroluv / LL97

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Robert Hoods first ever Floorplan remix! Hand stamped white label, red ink.

Sales Information:

Belgian electronic duo Mumbai Science explores the final frontier with their newest single Black Hole. The release includes the first Floorplan (aka Robert Hood) remix to date.

A year after the release of their widely acclaimed debut album Déjà Vu, Mumbai Science is gearing up to present new music to the world. The single EP, called Black Hole, allows us another sneak peak into the wayward universe of Mumbai Science. A universe where the misfits find solace and love is still free. With grubby basslines, sleazy vocal hooks and playful arpeggios, Black Hole showcases everything that is core to the sound and style of Mumbai Science. "I had this dream where I was on a guided bus trip to outer space with all my buds...", explains Jonas when asked where they got their inspiration. "...we were singing songs when I noticed my mom forgot to pack my lunch".

Black Hole comes with a mesmerising Floorplan (aka Robert Hood) remix. Robert Hood needs little introduction, being a founding member of arguably the most important techno act in the world, Underground Resistance and M-Plant label boss. His works paved the way for a wave of stripped-down dancefloor minimalism that directed much of techno's path throughout the late Nineties. His remix of Black Hole deconstructs the original track and rebuilds it in the relentless techno landscape of Floorplan. It perfectly complements the original track, making the Black Hole package complete.


Early support from

Efdemin: loving the floorplan mix a lot of course!

Marcel Fengler: Great Floorplan Remix! Thanks

Heiko Laux: Floorplan Remix is bomb!

Gregor Tresher: very cool floorplan mix, looking forward to playing it out

François K: Floorplan remix is dope. Will definitely support.

Dustin Zah: Interesting stuff. This is definitely the Floorplan style.

Dan Curtin: Loving this Floorplan Remix, will absolutely be playing this often, nice one!

technasia: floorplan remix kicks ass! heavy rotation

Ben Sims: all over the flloorplan remix, big thx!

Adam Beyer: floorplan mix is funky!

Sasha: liking remix

Norman Nodge: rmx rock, many thanks!
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