12" Vinyl D

Nice Try / ntry021

Front View : MRZ - KONTERVERSUM (INCL DL CODE) - Nice Try / ntry021
Back View : MRZ - KONTERVERSUM (INCL DL CODE) - Nice Try / ntry021

incl Download code , Since a few years MRZ is steadily shaping his dancefloor sensitivity on Zürich s underground and sophisticated parties. Its not a suprise you can whitness MRZ s flow on his new productions becoming more natural as it does when he performs live. These three tracks plus instrumental are only a pick of many great new tracks, so we hope you are going to like our selection: Title track Konterversum is just as you d be sneaking in a stairway and catching a couple - to our surprise - having a dispute while the party booms behind the door. Subversly charming. Multiversum does somehow picture how it feels trying to quit a conversation at phone - while riding an edgy but flowing groove. Circaversum is basically held in swiss german dialect and we let you guess what they are talking about. We insisted on an instrumental version of the track for those not so much inclined into three-guys-jacking-the-mic-in-the-studio. It was worth it.

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