Mr. Green & ATR
12" Vinyl lp UK
Live From The Streets / GMG006

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ATR is a one of a kind reggae collective based in Parkside Brooklyn. Founded by Scrillamatic and KG. at their core they are just group of friends who hang out in the park and sing. all day. The routine is simple. they meet up at their favorite hangout spot on the side of a lake. play beats off of a beat up but loud stereo. and belt out lyrics out into the air. Sometimes a crowd gathers but it’s usually just a few like minded artists sharing their love for music. Natives of the west indies. but coming of age in Brooklyn. they have a very unique perspective on life and the world we live in. With subject matters varying from traditional roots medleys. smoked out ganja anthems to gangsta badman chants to heartfelt soulful ballads telling tales of the ghetto and more. they have a lot to say.
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