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Motorcitysoul are Frankfurt veterans and deep house pioneers Matthias Vogt and Christian Rindermann (aka C-Rock). A feast of lush melodies and harmonies. lovingly crafted beats and percussion. ambient excellence and smart vocal numbers. On the albums title C- Rock explains: >Its an elegant word that refers to the way we work and hopefully how our music sounds. Were very technically focused yet we aim for our music to have genuine soul and warmth. We also do everything in the studio so technique is the key to that.< .The Start/Deliver Me kicks off the journey into the Motorcitysoul sound. enlisting the vocal talents of Swedish vocalist Ernesto to complement the soulful. summer-tinged house grooves. As the lush chords build and the vocals progress. its clear this uplifting opener is one thatll have you rolling down your car window with a smile on your face. >Maybe its a risk to start a house based concept album with such a soulful track but we dont have to justify it. because of the soul in our name<. says C-Rock wryly. >Space Kätzle< was originally a hit last year on Aus Music. >Space Cats< (as it translates) sees Matthias and C- Rock use their studio expertise to layer together lavish arpeggios and harmonies that treat you to an almost cosmic house voyage. Solar is the first >ode to the cinema soundtrack< offering on the album and sees the guys get experimental in the studio with deep trippy keys layered with mad aquatic sounds. .C
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2000 and One (Intacto): “nice album of electronic pop, well executed with awesome production ... ”
Agnes (num): “ Super deep LP, a great listen experience, quality all the way! ”
Gamal/Demon Days: “Still exploring this - there is much to like - will probably be playlisting and charting something soon... ”
Jeremy Caulfield (Dumb Unit): “deep brooding niceness .. ” “You'll probably not hear a better deep house album this year.”
Sian (Poker Flat/Karmarouge): “excellent,love thsi disco tech sound from motorcitysoul ”
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