Melchior Bachmann & Extd. Will
12" Vinyl D
Kalimero / Kalimero007

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Kalimero is back again. Their seventh catalogue number is standing in the wings awaiting you as a three track ep. one original & two remixes. Melchior Bachmann delivers his second release on Kalimero together with his producing mate Extd. Will. a new Berlin-based talent and long-term companion of the labels artists. They created *Play*. a deep tech-house revelation that is simply catching everything what each of us is referring as to groovy and pressing it into eight minutes of pure emotional dancefloor energy. This is also caused by Dennis Degenharts great singing work. The remixes are contributed by Mario Aureo and Luis Leon. Marios remix is keeping the tech-house grooves and keys and transforms them into a marching and pumping peaktime tune. Side B is completely left to Luis Leon. a very talented producer and DJ from Peru. who did nothing less than turning *Play* into an deep house anthem - a journey that has all the time to evolve itself.
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