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Matt Karmil is a British musician currently residing in Sweden. ++++ is his third album. following 2014 s PNN debut - - - - and IDLE033. released on Bristol label Idle Hands earlier this year. His output also includes a variety of singles for labels such as New York s Beats In Space Recordings and Stockholm s Studio Barnhus. On this new album. Karmil can be heard exploring the concepts of impossible objects. reflection. symmetry. infinity perspective. truncated and stellated polyhedra - hyperbolic geometry. tessellations and lost love. While making the music that constitutes ++++ he interacted with mathematicians George Pólya. Roger Penrose and Harold Coxeter as well as the crystallographer Friedrich Haag. and also conducted his own research into tessellation. The result is ++++. Karmil s most clever. strange. emotional and fun work yet. a testament to his breadth and depth as a musician. Did we forget to mention that he s an awesome party DJ?
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