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Concealed Sounds are very proud to announce Martinez fourth studio album. -O-Pen-. It has been about four years since he released his -Paradigm Shift- on Moon Harbour. and during this time he been busy experimenting in his studio to come up with a very mature sound rooted in the musical output we ve seen lately on his 12- releases for Concealed Sounds as well as other labels. On -O-Pen- the focus is not to make any concept around the tracks or the album itself. but just to have ten full compositions that each have their individuality and not necessarily is the same genre or style. You ll hear more melodies again and instruments. as well as analogue drum machines and modular synths that creates the soundscape of this album. A very organic album. including all sounds from the usual house & techno to more dub. ambient and even jazz influences. We are very excited to release this piece of work. Early support from: Zip. Ricardo Villalobos. Raresh. S.A.M. & Sylphe.
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