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After a seven years release break. Mambotur take you on a quality journey of airiness. Except for the stunning result. there is nothing magical about it. because Berlin-based Venezuelan Argenis Brito and Chilean Pier Bucci take nonchalance seriously.

Riding the original "Planes" means anything else than heavily pumping forward. In fact, the listeners' minds and bodies are carried away by a suavely pulsating propagation of the groove. The syncopated melodic components seem to balance on waterwheels which are smoothly kept swirling by a tropical flow of percussive dewdrops. In this way, the relaxing Mambolectro rhythm transforms into a botanical kind of dance. Nutrients of the night ascend with every measure out of a lively sonic nature in full bloom. With their heads in the clouds, dancers move freely and light-footed, thus they do not have to mind their steps while following the Latin American roots of sound.

Argenis' romantic singing covers the dreamy vision with a soft glaze by someone who has a paradisiac view to the future of dance music. Initially, he is supported by the voice of Jorge González, Chilean singer and musician who is still revered as a superstar in his native country, and an inspirative constant in the contemporary electronic music scene.

The natural view of the song gets funnily warped with the rendition by French duo Masomenos. Producer Adrien de Maublanc and DJ Joan Costes from Paris find a clearing in its floral set-up to welcome a chilly, gentle breath of air that anticipates an evening of excitation. Enriched by a shower of little surprise sensations, their "Planes" ride of well-designed elasticity gets the look-listen-and-feel of a funky gallop. In the pauses between measures the naked Latin roots appear like electric cables which are layed to energize a dancefloor of fun. Certainly, jelly babies and their partners with a colourful mind will find a home here.

While Ricardo Villalobos tracks down a night trail of typical epic dimension where he roots out the creatures of perseverance. Walking far away from where the "Planes" ride started, he guides his followers through a reduced array of surreally vibrating dance silhouettes. Music and movements resolve into a graphic impression. The air has become a carrier of cheery coolness. The dancefloor is a plateau that opens to all directions in music and thinking, leaving enough space for psychedelic vapours of sudden inspirations to emerge and spread. Sometimes they do so by taking shape of Argenis' and Jorge's echoed and fading vocals. Promised: the trip could continue like this forever and will never appear to be too long.

Next station: Mambotur's upcoming album "Elemental" on COSMO records!
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