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In 2015s hip-hop culture. built on stale rhymes about sex. money and drugs. Houston-bred. Minneapolis-based artist. Lizzo relies on inventive wordplay and an ability to seamlessly flow between rapping and singing to set her above the rest. Her debut solo release LIZZOBANGERS lives and dies by Lizzo s unique delivery and cadence. fueled by the depth of her pop-culture. social and historic references. ranging from Lizzie Borden to Cogsworth to Anna Wintour. Beyond the pop references and inventive wordplay. LIZZOBANGERS goes deep into challenging stereotypes. societal norms and the state of our culture in a rare matter-of-fact and non-politicized way. The vinyl LP includes a download code.
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Having already launched female powerhouse groups GRRRL PRTY and The Chalice to critical acclaim and local
success, as well as recently racking up City Pages Best Vocalist Award as a solo artist, Lizzo is now stepping out on her
own to deliver an album born out of a whirlwind two years of frenzied live shows, dynamic group albums, countless guest
appearances, and a tense full-blown bout with writer’s block that nearly brought everything to a screeching halt. Packed
with explosive rhymes and soulful hooks over Lazerbeak's signature bangers, and creatively overseen by mutual friend
and Gayngs/Polica mastermind Ryan Olson, LIZZOBANGERS is a true breakthrough debut album in the vein of Illmatic
or Ready To Die, an artist’s entire first two decades on the planet bursting at the seems and crammed into an urgent 40
minutes of unrelenting music.
Born in Detroit in the late 80’s, Lizzo spent much of her formative years in the church, where she was raised on the
gospel sounds of The Winans, The Clark Sisters, and Fred Hammond, along with mainstay secular artists such as Stevie
Wonder and Elton John. At the age of 10 her family moved to Houston, TX, and Lizzo was exposed to a wide array of
emerging Southern musical styles, from the trademark chopped and screwed rap tracks of the underground, to the
progressive and polished R&B sounds of groups like Destiny’s Child that were raising the city’s national profile to new
heights. In fact, it was after she skipped class to catch a Destiny’s Child performance at Wal-Mart that Lizzo—then a 5th
grader-- was inspired to start writing music on her own.
Over the next decade that decision would take her through the trenches of some of the most varied musical genres: R&B
girl groups (I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S., Cornrow Clique, The Chalice), progressive rock bands (Elypseas), electro-pop duos (Lizzo &
The Larva Ink), and her current trap-based hip-hop collective/crew GRRRL PRTY. Meanwhile, she graduated with a
classical flute degree from the University of Houston and turned down a scholarship for graduate studies at the Paris
Conservatory in order to pursue her current projects.
Death and Taxes says, "Her confidence evokes that of the 90′s stars like the late Left Eye or Missy Elliot; her ability to flip
styles is flawless, and the way she glides to and from spitfire versus to diva-like belting is dizzying, to say the least.
What’s more? She’s real."
"An indefatigable and chameleonic performer, Lizzo injects attitude into everything she touches, but it's her raw talent
that's made her the linchpin of a scene overflowing with talented MCs." says NPR Music.
Chicago Sun Times declares: "The lead single, “Batches and Cookies (feat. Sophia Eris),” astutely dishonors climbing
social ladders: "Thrift store shopping look like Anna Wintour/ You ain’t gotta ask about it ’cuz I been hurr / Ridin’ in them
chariots like we in Ben-Hur”. But it is the track “W.E.R.K,” in which she advises her own young fans: “Look like a girl/ Act
like a lady/ Think like a man/ Werk like a boss,” that will catapult her.”
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