Lilea Narrative
12" Vinyl UK
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The albums >Nouvelle Chair< and >Echantillodrome< established Lilea Narrative as a mainstay of electro hip hop in France. Lilea Narrative now hammers it home with new EP >Feline Boulevard<. By dint of the experience gained playing live at over 100 concerts in Europe. and after sharing the spotlight with RJD2. Antipop Consortiun. Buck 65. Brother Ali and Roots Manuva. the artist has sharpened his style.

"Feline Boulevard" is more incisive and uplifting than his previous albums but remains melodic. "Feline Boulevard" proves once more that Lilea Narrative is not inclined to repeat himself. Lilea Narrative invites us on a trip along this mysterious boulevard with six classy, punchy tracks. Blockbass's musical scratching, still in place, gives dynamics to the effective rhythmic constructions interrupted by groovy breaks and cuts.

Not so much hungry for meaning as eager for poetic evocation, Lilea Narrative proposes a lively, consistent world, choosing to play his music live as he interacts with Blockbass's scratch towards wickedly effective atmospheres. The odd video composition created by Small (graphic design) and Sofa King (computer graphics design/video montage) shows the same energy in their totally new show screened on black tulle. Small's artwork (he created the covers of "Echantillodrome" and "Feline Boulevard") is drawn live using a graphics tablet and is enhanced by Sofa's King computer animation which gives dynamics to the drawings thanks to video and texture effects.

Lilea Narrative continues to display true singularity and delivers a truly captivating EP.
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