Key And Cleary
12" Vinyl US
Soul Cal / scr111

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Recorded in 1976. What It Takes To Live speaks to the center of Key And Clearys mission: charging individuals to reach out beyond familiar faces and work to create positive change in ones broader community. Music was just one of the countless modes through which Key And Cleary pushed their creative agenda. Meeting each other in Buffalo. NY in the early 70s. Jessie and Syl developed a close friendship. Idealists both. distressed by the problems in their town. the two set out as a creative team intent to change their city for the better. During their course together. they produced many recordings including hundreds of cassette tapes of day to day conversations. varied commercial advertising spots. and a handful of 7inch singles of both conservative and avant garde music. In recent years the record was re introduced to new listeners ears by the one and only DJ Keb Darge. fitting as a crossover sound for the Deep Funk and Modern Soul scenes. While What It Takes To Live was first played on the Us Northern Soul scene in the early 80s shortly after the records limited release in and around Buffalo. it has taken nearly thirty years for this record to get its due respect. Soul Cal. in association with New York Funk and Soul collector/historian David Griffiths. is proud to re release this anthem in both original versions: vocal on the a side. stripped down instrumental on the flip.
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