Keisa Brown / Liz Spraggins
Jazzman / jm071

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Two solid sides of Sister Funk dance floor dynamite here. and you also get to play which version is best? The late Keisa Browns frenetic mover Dance Man has long been a grail of the cultured funk collector but until fairly recently not many knew that producer Earl Williams re cut an alternate version of the song with unknown vocalist Liz Spraggins. At last count there was still just the one solitary known copy of LUL 1003 in the collector world. making it even rarer than the Keisa original. But how does it fare by comparison? We ll let you decide which you prefer with this handy pairing of the two: the infectious. shuffling groove and the sassy vocals of Keisa or the stripped down fatback drum and bass of the Spraggins version. We still cant make our minds up!
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