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1. deep blue meanies
2. jugdish
3. pulse a denura
4. time slip remix
5. dirty spikes
6. jazzy trance
7. quasi (ruff dub)
8. niks
9. husheesh
10. lerosa remix

Dekmantels first-ever release sets the standard higher than an Amsterdam tourist, thanks to the multi-talented Israeli duo Juju & Jordash. Now on CD!

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Dekmantel’s first-ever release sets the standard higher than an Amsterdam tourist, thanks to the multi-talented Israeli duo Juju & Jordash. Now on CD!
Pinpointing Juju & Jordash’s style isn’t easy. Say they make fearless jackin Chicago house and they’ll reply with a cosmic experimental slow jam. So it’s no surprise, really, that this LP ranges from experimental tracks like the oud-flooded ‘Jugdish’ and the reggae-jazz jam ‘Niks’ to pulsing deeper tracks like ‘Time Slip Remix’ and ‘Quasi’. ‘Deep Blue Meanies’, ‘Pulse A Denura’, ‘Dirty Spikes’ and ‘Jazzy Trance’ are – plain and simple – pure dance-floor material. Raw, energetic musical bliss.

DJ / Press Quotes
"this is the true sound of undergroud "Deep Blue Meanies" is absolutely stunning , will play this everywhere and will playlist on the radio"
Laurent Garnier (F-Com)

"love this ep! there is something for every moment here"
Osunlade (Yoruba Records)

"loving this! so many good tunes on there... hard to pick favourites but \"dirty spikes\"\"pulse a denura\" will both go straight into the bag. and possibly \"jazzy trance\" to... "
Prins Thomas (Full Pupp/Internasjonal)

"fantastic album, with a fresh and unique sound. We need more stuff like this one ! Can\'t wait to play pulse a denura, dirty spikes or deep blue meanies."

"An excellent, multi-textured release from a duo who continue to surprise and delight. Whilst it might be easy to pick and choose from the history of house and disco in today\'s age, they do it with a fresh perspective. "
Toby Frith

"this is a good project. sounds thought out and makes me think that they know what real music was and is. my personal favorite on the album is jazzy trance. this album will be in my sets and playlists. shake shakir frictional recordings. detroit, michigan "
Anthony Shakir (Shake / Frictional)

"An essential album . pure craftsmanship from these guys yet again . all the tracks are absolute winners ."
Lakuti (Uzuri recordings)

"exellent and interesting album full support!"
Gilb-r (Versatile)

"top quality traxx right here full support on jazzy trance, deep blue & dirty spikes.. peace"
Franck Roger

"this stands head and shoulders above any album i've heard so far this yer. superb."
Psycatron (BBC Radio/Planet E)

"This is a real trip of an album. Loving it. Especially Deep Blue. What a Tune!"
Sven VT (De:bug Magazin)

"jugdish is v cool...will play 4 sure....thnx..cw..x"
Charles Webster

"You\'re really spoiling us!! All sound interesting, plus there\'s a few that\'ll be going straight into my sets. Many thanks."
Danny Howells

"its different and very \"out there\". well done and very deep. i like!"
Samuel L Session (SLS)

"Promising new heads! A real impressive album right here! I like and play all tracks... but \'Dirty Spikes\', \'Deep Blue Meanies\', \'Quasi\' and \'Pulse\' are legendary..."
San Proper

"What a album! And it looks will get even better after listening many times!! Great work!!"
Renato Cohen

"great album !!! deep blue meanies ,dirty spikes are my favourite tracks here !! really great work as always on delsin....!!!!!!"
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