Jon Seber. Reagen
12" Vinyl D
Eminor / eminor30

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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Eminor goes 30! Even with round numbers. Eminor continues ist path of digging deep into the universe of talents. coming up with a mix of freaky weirdness and heavy reduction. A1: Jon Seber - Juggernaut. After listening to this masterpiece. people will almost certainly agree that this a guy is one to watch! A2: Jon Seber - Juggernaut (Benjamin Fehr Rmx). Benjamin Fehr turns the original into a wobbling universe of strangeness. an orchestra of the weird. B1: Reagen - Black Clock. With Reagen s Black Clock. Eminor dares to step back into the world of harsh and heavy Techno. excellent production. a massive order of drums in time. B2: Reagen - Black Clock (Dubit s quiet Bimix). Dubit analyses the Black Clock with an equally focussed. clear structured yet more subtle approach. toolish and monumental.
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