John Lagora & Bob Morane
Seoul Community / SC003

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The third release of the vinyl label Seoul Community is a successful ramble through house and techno. The label run by John Lagora and Bob Morane strikes back in a firmly. drifty. groovy and passionate way. The sophisticated productions of the five artists from Germany. Belgium and Italy offer a wide range of peak time music for the dance floor. This third record includes two originals and two remixes and offers the right track for every moment. Whether for the sunrise after hour mood in the morning. the introducing warming groove or high noon dance floor monster - this EP leaves nothing to be desired. The artists. who are residents on labels like Mindshake. Catwash. Momentum and Lordag. deliver felicitous and elegant tracks in a well-known quality for this release on Seoul Community
John Lagora & Bob Morane - Everybody (Original Mix)
Genuine and percussive elements accompany the listener slowly but surely into the depth of the track Everybody. With the introduction of the bass line, John Lagora and Bob Morane make sure that theres only one thing matters - the groove! A melodically modulating horn gives the track the necessary depth and fills the room with an outstanding spirit. Everyone who does not feel addressed at this point of time will be requested insitently and decisive to dance through the discreet vocals Everybody, EveryParty. An all around balanced rhythm of drums, percussions and vocals everybody will enjoy.

John Lagora & Bob Morane - Everybody (Spedro Remix)
The massive and bulky introductory kick drum imparts a deceptive solid impression. Berlin based DJ Spedro knows how to surprise and unveils that with this remix in an amazing way. The ones who expected a straight 4/4 pounder in the beginning will soon find out that Spedro created a latent drama and delivered a remix which does not lack for anything. Arcs of suspences, rhythms and a typical, diversified and warm groove. The distinctive voice from the original track mutates elegantly adding drama you will love immediately. There is no doubt this track was remixed extraordinarily and it does not lack of anything to a club proof production.

John Lagora & Bob Morane - Everybody (Luca Bortolo & Alex Tea Remix)
Luca Bortolo & Alex Tea design their remix of Everybody with warm deep house elements. A dreamy and romantic mood is created which reminds of a sunrise and that also fits perfectly into this scenario. Nevertheless, the two Belgiums are not lacking of the necessary groove for this remix. Aesthetics and a melodic pathos that relocate the listener into a summerlike temper.

John Lagora & Bob Morane - Cutz (Original Mix)
The collaboration of the two label owners John Lagora and Bob Morane comes up with a functional and club proofed track called Cutz. Influences from house and techno excellently merge to a groove monster in this track which is surprisingly simple as well as functional. The used vocal runs through the track like a red thread and adapts to the bass line and its flow, plunges sometimes and gives room for some soft chords. This track grooves through the club between house and techno in a pleasant (un)defined way. Early support came from Paco Osuna who quickly discovered Cutz as a secret weapon tool and played it.

John Lagora - Last Trumpet (Original Mix)
Last but not least - John Lagora comes up with a solo track which has been supported by famous DJs like Dubfire or Paco Osuna for more than one year. Last trumpet is a hypnotic, kind of oriental peak time Techno track that surely is about to become huge!
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