Jesper Roym
12" Vinyl D
Power Plant Records / PPR002

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Image of the Record Back Side
La Fleurs certified hit. the Flowerhead EP. launched her Power Plant Records imprint into the stratosphere in 2010. Following the Flowerhead EP would be no easy task. but its one that young Danish talent Jesper Ryom takes in his stride. The second chapter of Power Plant Records story exists within Jesper Ryoms refined musical universe. where samples and live guitar merge and mesh for a kaleidescopic whole thats greater than its parts. As Ryom drifts in a dream-dance state. he delves further into sonic experimentation. but is ever mindful of the dancer and the DJ.

Nature Boy EP begins with the restless liquid ripples and refracted rays of “Godt Begyndt” which translates as ‘good beginning’ in Danish. A skippy, syncopated house tempo provides the grounding and the momentum, as the shimmering melody pulses and turns in a circular motion in the mid-distance. A softly distorted vocal refrain of “Someday.. you and I…” floats by, while gentle reverb tangents and rhythmic guitar strums add to the track’s bittersweet reverie. La Fleur steps up for the remix of “Godt Begyndt” and deftly transitions it from a midsummer haze to a sunset house groove. With a tight 4/4 beat and a rolling piano loop from the outset, La Fleur’s intention to make you dance is clear. With the introduction of a heavy vibrato bassline, the aim can’t help but be fulfilled.
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