Jan Tenner
Fullbarr / FBV002

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*** Vinyl Only !!*** Support Already In From Steve Bug. Jef K. Agnes. Christopher Rau And Many More
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Steve Bug - henry gilles cake taste the best!
Christopher Rau - full suport for my man jan tenner!!!!!
Ed Davenport - henry giles gives it some nice classic vibes. good quality, positive music all round
Konrad Black - Whatever original is my favorite here...all are good as well...thanks!
Glimpse -Nice tracks thanks X
Jay Tripwire - Piece of Cake is my jam!
Chris Lattner - henry gilles remix ist nice...
Jef K - piece of cake (henri gilles) is supa supa nice ... thx a lot !!
DJ Chloe - piece of cake is nice
Agnes - Piece of Cake (Henry Gilles Cakes in the Basement mix) is the one for me...
Martin Landsky - Hans Berg mix is my fav, but i like all tracks here...
Alex Arnout - The Henry Giles Remix is well good :)
Audiofly - Whatever original for me (ANt)
Oliver Deutschmann - cool ep. Original of whatever is great.
Midland - Liking the original and the Henry Giles remix! Cheers
Ben Sims feeling the henry giles remix of piece of cake, proper old man house deepness ;-) love the vinyl crackles
Kirk Degiorgio - solid EP... will work in both deep and tougher sets.
D'Julz - very cool ep
Michelle Owen-Piece of Cake (Henry Gilles Cakes in the Basement mix) is nice!
Kasper - Really loving Henry Gilles Cakes remix. Very good!! Thanks!

"Hamburg’s Jan Tenner makes his 2nd EP appearance following up the hugely successful ‘F.N.K EP’ from earlier this year with 2 original tracks of delightfully deep and tech inspired house. ‘Whatever’ has a wonderful techno inspired vibe to it, with it’s filtered stabs and gated riffs while ‘Piece of Cake’ journeys into deeper melodic territory with a track that draws on keys, horns and warm bass to create rich musical groove.

The first of the remixes comes from Swedish born, Berlin based producer ‬Hans Berg who gets to work on ‘Whatever’. Berg’s mix stays true to the original, keeping much of the feel and flow of Tenner’s production but adding his own style to the mix, bringing the stabs to the fore and creating a piece that has a real hypnotic vibe to it.

And finally we have a remix of ‘Piece of Cake’ from 20 year old Munich producer Henry Gilles. This is his third remix for fullbarr and on the strength of this you can see why he has become such a firm favourite of the label. Gilles takes the already deep and mesmerizing original and leads it even further underground with some superb production and edits creating a groove that has you hooked from the start."

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