James Braun - MASSACRE

James Braun
12" Vinyl D

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JB AKA James Braun. creates music as if it were sonic sculptures chiselled with kicks. snares. drums and synth-bass. is back with three new dance floor monuments for you to worship. *A. On Massacre JB succeeds in creating a horror universe that can make even the most hardened Detroit fan become insecure and frightened when standing alone on the Berghain dance floor. But fear not. for its only music and if you flip the record. youll become entranced by the melodic *B1 Retrace your Steps. A musical odyssey back through time that literally retraces JBs own steps and makes you think about who you are and where you came from. *B2 Slapper is musical meditation that yields unbridled joy and chilled out bliss…and makes you send eager kisses towards the sky where the benign. chubby gods of music laugh heartily and scratch their white beards and ample bellies while returning your kisses. mwah!. and uttering you ravey. little rascal! We will provide for you as long as you remember to appreciate us. Please enjoy the new record from James Braun. Tartelet Records 2011
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