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This is like butter for the eardrums!

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1. Shower Melody
2. Gluetooth
3. Joy Fantastic (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
4. 3.30
5. Trykk
6. Fruit Touch
7. ZOo00OOm
8. Acoustic Lady
9. Rising 5
10. Twistclip Loop
11. Just Decided (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
12. No One Could Ever
13. Velvet Peel
14. Tell Me What You Want From Me (feat. Damfunk)
15. FUSE
16. Star Crackout
17. Allhot (feat. Nadsroic)
18. Black n Red
(added: 2009-10-26 17:02:13 )
It appears that the likes of Drake and Keri Hilson might have a new name on their respective speed-dials very soon. Hudson Mohawke has delivered his debut album ‘Butter’, which with its glossy, hyper-real production may sound as if it was cooked up in palm fringed LA and not homegrown Glasgow, Scotland and is as influenced by 90’s UK dance music as it is by golden era hip-hop.Megawatt R’n’B stars won’t be the only ones to take note of Butter, as the ever-growing global network of bass-craving music fans have been clamouring for new material since his lauded Polyfolk Dance EP earlier this year. On that record, HudMo’s hyper melodic drum-and-synth sidewinders only hinted at the panoramic pop magic that was to come and with it he found himself name checked by the likes of Rihanna, Goldie, Sa Ra, Busy P, Flying Lotus, Mars Volta & Crookers.Explaining why the album is called Butter, Hudson says:“the Butter idea, as well as just wanting to give the album a simple striking name, also came from my attempt at a sort of prog rock meets vintage soul meets sleazy R’n’B aesthetic - Isaac Hayes ‘hot buttered soul’. I really wanted the title to somehow emphasise the arrangements on the record, how I’ve tried to create songs as opposed to just computer driven arrangements, how the record flows. I think compared to some of my earlier production it’s smoother in some ways as well, like butter for the eardrums.”
(added: 2009-10-26 17:04:06 )
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