coloured 12" Vinyl UK
Lowriders Recordings / low003

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The record is divided in 1 side Hovatron tracks and 1 side remixes by some of the hot names around. Side is is Gypsy Trader. Super Soaker and Young Blood soaked in his known style somewhere between hip hop. skweee and crunk: pure floor excitement! Like his first release on Lo-Fi Funk this one is a bumpy ride on the dancefloor.

The first two remixes are from the Gypsy Trader track. At first we have Prison Garde aka Sixtoo and part of Megasoid. He manage to be on top of stuff for a decade now and if you listen to his own stuff he will be for the next decade! His remix is so pushy so mad.

The next is By Spoek Mathambo and Richard The Third with the Mshini Wam Remix. The definition of instrumental grime house comes to mind...

Closing track on the EP is Doshy remix of SuperSoaker which is this slowly built ascending track with loads of arcade fire. When the bass hits in your doing mad things with your body!
(added: 2011-06-03 16:06:29 )


• I absolutely love this release, i think hovatron's tracks on this a brilliant genuine arpegiator funks. Like for real, the gap is bridge between skweee and the croonk here.

• Fantastic release, congratulations. I am preparing a mix for Concepto Radio in Spain and I will definitely include Super Soaker.

• great stuff, super soaker is exellent tune, like all on the A-side!
Mesak / harmönia

•Wowoww "super soaker" is an ace !! heavy "dabrye" riddim beat, fuckin jealous about this groove! Congrats !

• Really like it! My favourite is Super Soaker which I'll probably put in a mix one day soon!

• Super Soaker is the winner here for me!
Dave (Donky Pitch)

• yep it's all good stuff, I've heard doshy play a few of these out.
Jamie Vex'd aka Kuedo

• I think it's sounding very fresh! My personally favorites are Super Soaker, the Prison Garde and Doshy remixes.

• Super Soaker is something i can see myself playing for a long while, that joint is real good. The Halp remix tops off the package real nice, its a very strong Ep i must say.

• Just got some proper time listening in good speakers. Super Soaker is really fat !! and Young Blood really good aswell.
Great realease !
Limonious aka Pavan

• My favourite track here was definitly Gypsy Trader Spoek's Mshini Wam R. The sounds here throughout the EP are good man, I think the reason that that track in particular cought my attention is because its one of the most dancefloor oriented and i like the vibe.
(added: 2011-06-03 16:07:05 )
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