Hardfloor / HFCD04

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Techno-Legends Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker aka Hardfloor are back in style this season! With their beloved machine music that is free from seasonal flares. and artificial flavours. Hardfloor are still true to the core of their 303 platine circuit boards. Electronic music production is nothing less than a bare necessity to these pioneers of the acid groove. Hailed and namedropped by many a young producer’s today. revamped or sampled... acid lines emerge anew in quite a few tracks. But when Hardfloor put Acid in their tank - it is sooo much more and way bigger than a marketable gimmick or the fuel to an otherwise exchangeable battery of loops. It is the motor. the lifeline and the heartbeat to a whole organism offering a whole world of expression and – first and foremost - emotions!
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