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Fourth Album. Is An Album Labeled. Engineered. Mixed And Mastered By Steve Albini. And Its Pretty Obvious: Fourteen Tight Songs. Full-on (faithful To The Motto Hammered By Albini: Feature It. Or Fuck It). Carved In Eight Days. By Five People (drums. Guitars. Keyboards. Bass). Without Ever Leaving The Studio.
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After the critical success of “We go way back” and the recent collaboration with Chris Bailey of the legendary Australian band The Saints (Album Bailey / Burns), H-Burns continues on Off The Map to move towards a sound which is less and less harsh, but instead wider and wider. H-Burns dropped the plaid shirts, now they truly have become a great classy rock band, a band that doesn’t know any borders. Off the Map is a world record where the concepts of maps and territories are the cement of the lyrics, in a total symbiosis with the sound: brass performed by the musicians from Wilcos latest albums, a drummer who hits a snare drum from the 1930s, keyboard parts played on vintage instruments that sound like they havent been touched for years. This new album of H-burns is also the first album released by the label Vietnam, tailor-made by their friends at So Foot, the magazine that has once been described by Voxpop as >a punk football magazine which talks about football because it’s the rock’n’roll of the modern world<. Create a label. What for? >Because what really matters, it’s the journey<. With or without a map.
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