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The ever on point Citrus Recordings is stepping up for its 5th artist LP. after having released the debut Albums of Mindscape & Jade wich all went on for critical acclaim its time for Citrus to get ready for its 3rd Artist Album. This time its time for the debut album of Fourward! Hailing straight from lower Austria the four men collective FOURWARD started out producing music in early 2007. The boys knew each other for quite a while and shared the love and passion for drumandbass music. For them it was always a main issue not to stick to any particular tiny subgenre only. but to develop a sound of their own. All members have different musical backgrounds which fit together perfectly and provide a great studio vibe. Days went by and the boys finished a couple of tunes properly and it wasnt long until Austrian drumandbass producer duo Body&Soul showed interest in their works. Also international artists like BBCs very own Crissy Criss began to support their music giving them airplay on his radio show. As a result of their effort FOURWARD has released quality tunes on labels like Subsonik Sound. Planet Funk and Fokuz. The year 2010 they experienced the so called breakthrough with releases on NASCA Recordings and Fokuz followed by an epic 12inch for the legendary label VIRUS Recordings! The guys definitely didnt stop there and being on the road now broadened their horizon even further. Resulting in a series of tunes perfectly fitting together in this CD. Diversity and musicallity are keywords for this album. Listen from Low Blow to You and Me. quality drum n bass!!
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