Fitz Ambro$e & Ohbliv - ZEN VAPORS

Fitz Ambro$e & Ohbliv
12" Vinyl lp UK
Cascade Records / cr007lp

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
It is 2013 and in this release we hear a totally new approach to sampling. A vinyl release of two artists. Fitz Ambro$e (Cape Breton Island) residing inTokyo. & Ohbliv of Richmond. Virginia(USA). Fitz Ambro$e sound has unique influence from 90s hip hop and 80s soul. he is also affiliated with Cosmopolyphonic collective in Tokyo. From the record archives of his father. Ohbliv developed the charm of sampling. The record is a 14 track collage of beats from two uniquely talented artists who transcend their individual musical roots. As if competeing with each other both leave the remnants of sampling material. and the method in which they cut and chop is truely an interesting work.
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