Ferry Corsten
L.E.F. (CD)
Flashover / 37436052

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With 17 years industry experience. innumerable remixes. several hit singles and eight albums under his belt. Dutch DJ/Producer Ferry Corsten knows how to knock up a tune. The bombastic title of his latest album. L.E.F. - Loud. Electronic. Ferocious – seems overtly aimed at quieting any doomsday critics that are still flouncing around prophesying the death of dance music. The contents certainly state a passionate case for the genre-s ongoing vitality and ability to reinvent itself. as Corsten lets loose a take-no-prisoners tirade of electro. trance. pop and techno. The visceral pulse of -Are You Ready- opens the onslaught. preparing the listener for retro anthems such as the record’s first single -Fire- (featuring Simon Le Bon). and -Into The Dark- (with Howard Jones). and a storming series of trademark trance cuts - -Beautiful-. -Posession- and a reworking of old favourite -Galaxia-.
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